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  • The Equine City Hall is a portal for individuals interested in networking with equine enthusiast across the country.   
  • This is a database site that will help unite the equine community and is used to send important notifications on disease control, evacuation, special events, and opportunities to become involved  in many other activities and programs.

This is also the site to purchase and renew membership to clubs and associations, to purchase items at the Horse Town Store and to Register for many events being held, including the Rocky Mountain Horse Expo, Annual Meetings, The Heritage Ride and other special events. 

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The Colorado Horse Council (CHC) and the Colorado Horse Development Authority (CHDA) are working together to build our equine industry and community networks. The Colorado Equine City Hall (CECH) can assist you and your equine organization with the administrative functions for your club, help you find information about upcoming events and meetings, as well as allow you to register for memberships and activities. CECH also boasts its Horse Town Store, where the purchase of products, services and merchandise can be made.

We are hopeful your experience here at City Hall is helpful and provides you with the information you need to enjoy many equestrian activities and opportunities in Colorado.

Enjoy your visit to this City Hall!​ 


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