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Stall in Barn - Expo
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Member Price$85.00
Non-Member Price$85.00
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Enjoy your Expo and stay with your horse/mule for one or multiple days at the Expo.  Take part in many  riding and event opportunities. You may choose from one (1), two (2) or three (3) days.  Be sure to use the drop down  to make your selection.  All requests for location of stalls will be considered, but not guaranteed.    Write us at , with your stalling requests, if necessary. 

Day Stall in Barn - 1-Day(day stall, overnight, extra stall)  Cost is per day. $50

Day Stall in Barn - 2-Day (day stall, overnight, extra stall) cost for two days $85

Day Stall in Barn - 3-Day (day stall, overnight, extra stall) Cost for three days $120.

Event Stall in Barn - 4 Day  (If previously registered for multiple Expo events without stalling) Cost $150 - One stall for 4 days